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Trust the process

When you show your customers behind the scenes at your business, they will trust what’s happening there. When they see you explaining your product on video, they get to know you a little and can better decide if they want to buy. They see where their money goes, how your product can improve their lives, and that you want to build a relationship with them.

In case you’re interested, the Suits at ASPM put together a “fact” sheet with a bunch of stats about how video appeals to different markets.

Because 72% of people think stats are BS and can be easily manipulated*, we’re not necessarily endorsing all of them. They just say what you likely already know: if your competitors aren’t already using video, they will be soon.

We’ll capture whatever your widget is and show it in its best light. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on and contact us to capture your story.

* Note: we made this stat up. Sounds true though, doesn’t it?





Your history, in print

War is not just a conflict between nations, but between people. It is not only the soldiers who fight the wars either, there are families left behind to fend for themselves. It is important to tell stories about war from the many perspectives and that’s what we do. In a small way we hope to contribute to peace.

We cooperatively publish manuscripts that will grace bookshelves, be shared through e-readers and played on family podcasts for generations.

Consider it your own history book. Take a look at some of the other memoir projects we’ve done and contact us to find out how you can publish your personal history.




Radio is dead. Long live Radio!

Darin grew up with the radio plugged into his ear. He debuted on the air around the age of 10 when he called in to CHQR Radio in Calgary to question host Peter Marr about whether the Flames could ever beat the Gretzky-led Oilers.

Provacative? Yes. But the feeling of broadcasting his voice out to thousands of people was the real rush.

Since then, Darin has been telling stories about rock star accordionists, the food chain, war veterans, surfing, the ridiculous popularity of opera and much more. Radio is a great medium that is only improving with age.

In the last few years he’s appeared on local, regional and national CBC Radio programs as well as campus and community radio, allowing him to flex his longer-form storytelling muscles.

He is always looking for interesting subjects and characters to interview. Listen to some of his past work and contact him if you think his style will fit your radio show.

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