About Us


Darin Steinkey, Director & Principal

If Darin stumbled upon a fight between publishing, film and radio, he wouldn’t know who to cheer for. Would it be the unblinking, but sympathetic eye of the camera? How about the sharp cut or warm embrace of the printed word? Or would it be the raw, transporting power of broadcast radio? It’s difficult to say. He opened Aldridge Street so he didn’t have to choose.

ASPM_MatthewCoates_webMatthew Coates, Production Consultant

A transplant to Vancouver Island, Matthew is the “new guy” at Aldridge Street Print & Media. A jack-of-all-trades, he combines his history degree, as well as a background in sales, writing and film to collaborate on ASPM stories. On any given day he may fly audio on set, dig up a podcast that ASPM could produce for, or prep manuscript files for the editor. He also brings Mt. Royal Bagels to the Monday morning meeting. In short, Aldridge Street is a natural fit where he blends his love of film, the written word, people and complex carbohydrates. He and his wife enjoy coffee, blogging about life and spending time at the ocean.

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