Man Whom Seems Like a Cliché, Is


Local entrepreneur Darin L. Steinkey sat at a coffee shop Friday around 2pm wondering whether he’s a cliché.

If he were to step back from the scene, it might be more obvious.

An empty espresso cup confirms he likes his coffee pure and strong. The soda water he ordered on the side: cold. He’s reading a book of letters exchanged between two moderately obscure authors. Translated from Norwegian.

“Sometimes, I’m just a little too much to take,” he said. “I mean, for God’s sake, I’m taking notes with a tool from the 16th Century,” he said, waving a blue pencil. “Who writes with these anymore?”

Further investigation revealed a Radiohead song moaning about fame on the turntable, and several novelty beards in the area.

His plans for the weekend include The London Review of Books and going to a concert by a band named after a utensil one would use at breakfast. He’ll sample artisan drinks and food before the show and, although the band is one of his favourites, will show restraint in cheering for them.

“I guess I am a bit of a cliché,” he said. “But it’s how I enjoy living, so I’m not sure what to do with that. I’m not one to change my habits so I don’t look as discerning, intelligent or snooty as I think I look. Does that even make sense?”

In a move that surely confirms his clichéd status, as of August 31, he is full-time with his Cascadia-based company Aldridge Street Print & Media. Plans for the launch of a magazine, a suite of podcasts and several short documentaries are afoot.

We will update you as news breaks.

– Aldridge Street

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